Competency, Efficiency, & Accessibility.

These are just a few of the principles upon which the Khan Law Firm prides itself every day. Our goal is to provide competent representation for the everyday person, while doing so in the most efficient manner possible. In fact, the obvious need for accessible legal representation is one of the primary reasons the Khan Law Firm was founded in the first place.

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Competency [kom-pi-tuh n-see]: “the ability to do something successfully or efficiently.”

Competency, as it pertains to legal representation, is multi-dimensional. Here at the Khan Law Firm, we recognize that competency is key to providing trusted legal representation. A lawyer must not only be competent in the law, itself, but a lawyer must also be competent in strategy and interpersonal relations. While we remain continuously competent in the law, we also understand the importance of our competency in the way in which we engage with you, learn your specific needs and the facts of your case, and work to resolve your case in the most strategic manner possible. As a client of the Khan Law Firm, our competency in resolving your case will remain a steadfast priority.

Efficiency [ih-fish–uh n-see]: “the state of working in a well-organized and competent way.”


Efficiency in legal representation is one of the primary acts that promotes timely case resolution. Here at the Khan Law Firm, timely case resolution means that we recognize that your time and money are valuable. We understand that efficient legal representation and timely case resolution mean that the sooner your case is resolved, the sooner that your life returns to a sense of normalcy. These are values that hold true to our own lives, and therefore, we uphold these values as they pertain to the lives of our clients, as well. As a client of the Khan Law Firm, efficiency and timely case resolution will remain at the forefront of our legal representation.

Accessibility [ak-ses–uh-bil uh-tee]: “the quality of being easy to obtain or use.”

Accessibility in legal representation is two-fold: the lawyer must be accessible to the client, and the legal system must be accessible to the people that it was created to protect: you. Here at the Khan Law Firm, we understand that in order for us to competently and efficiently represent you, accessibility comes first. By making ourselves accessible to you, we are able to intricately understand your needs and the facts of your case, and by understanding your needs and the facts of your case, we are able to make the legal system as accessible as possible for you. As a client of the Khan Law Firm, accessibility of the lawyer and accessibility of the legal system for you will remain of the utmost importance.

Shahzad Khan, founder and managing partner of the Khan Law Firm, has experience representing countless clients throughout the Triad in a myriad of matters. Shahzad understands the need for competent, efficient, and accessible legal representation, and he makes it his mission to provide that trio of services to the residents of every community throughout the Triad each day.

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