Child Support matters can seem daunting to handle on your own, especially given the complexity of many of the cases and the many variety of factors that accompany handling a child support case. But they do not have to be! 

If you find yourself here, on our website, with a pending child support matter, or simply child support questions, you are in the right place. Our Child Support attorneys can help make the seemingly complex process of handling a child support case much easier and take the weight off of your shoulders of attempting to handle the matter alone.

In North Carolina, supporting your child is a statutory parental duty that you cannot avoid. Accordingly, the role of a child support attorney is to ensure that you are treated fairly and are given the appropriate credit, and ultimately the correct child support obligation, considering all the facts and circumstances relevant to your case. 

The North Carolina Child Support Guidelines are based on certain economic data, which take into account a variety of factors that ultimately culminate in what each parent’s child support obligation will be. Different worksheets are used for calculating child support obligations, depending upon how much time the child spends with each parent—and that is to say that child support is largely related to the custodial situation of the child, in the sense that the custodial situation determines which worksheet to use. Determining the correct worksheet is just one way that the attorney can ensure that you are being treated fairly and appropriately.

If you have an existing child support obligation that you wish to modify, we can help with that too! The standard for modifying an existing order that is less than three years old is a showing of a “substantial change of circumstances.” For child support orders that are three years old or more, the standard is showing a difference of 15 percent or more between the amount of the current order, and the amount of the child support resulting from the guidelines, all of which is based on the parents’ current incomes and circumstances.

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