Landlords and Tenants Lawyer in North Carolina

Landlords and tenants alike face issues with renting apartments, homes, and other residential dwellings.

First and foremost, DO NOT ENGAGE IN SELF HELP.  In other words, do not take matters into your own hands—most times, engaging in self-help is against the law and will hurt your case.  Instead, call the Khan Law Firm and allow us to represent your interests against your landlord or tenant.

Common issues that tenants face include:

  • Failure to make reasonable repairs to the premises;
  • Failure to maintain common areas of an apartment complex;
  • Failure to make the premises habitable, to including: and
  • Allowing other tenants to engage in behavior injurious to other tenants.

If you are a tenant and your landlord has failed to provide a habitable premises, you may have a claim for the breach of the warranty of habitability.  

The most common issues that Landlords face are a tenant’s failure to pay rent, and a tenant’s physical destruction of the premises.

As a landlord, you may be entitled to the summary ejectment of your tenant for a tenant’s failure to pay rent, destruction of the premises, or other breach of contract.  The attorneys at the Khan Law Firm Can file a summary ejectment on your behalf so that you can relet the premises to a paying tenant as soon as possible.


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